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June 23, 2008



My favorite summer job was as a camp counselor. I started with a non-profit organization when I was eighteen years old and left when I was twenty-seven. I was not just a camp counselor all that time but that is where I started. I ended up being their Education Alternative Teacher in their after-school program when I decided to leave the organization.
I got to work with students of all ages and build lasting relationships with them. The ones that remember who I am are now in their first or second years of college. I got to go to museums, water parks, and picnics with the kids. Who wouldn't want a job doing that all summer? Of course my main focus was the safety of all the students when on or off site. As the years went by I went from camp counselor, to leadership group counselor, on to the Assistant Director of Summer Camp. The more you are dedicated to an organization and its children, the more they promote you and add to your responsibilities. This assisted me with my professional growth as an Educator.
This is a position for students who want to be teachers, educational managers, guidance counselors, and directors of non-profits.

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